COVID-19 – Coronavirus

*** We got there and started Line dancing back at the RUSSC on Monday, 19 July,2021! We are open Mondays. Our Thursday class remains currently suspended. ***

We have been living in a worldwide environment that has been unknown for a hundred years – a pandemic. The text that follows serves as a reminder of what we, and countless other businesses, went through.

In line with Government directives, we undertook a full Risk Assessment on 03 July 2020, to ascertain whether it was prudent for Hills n Toes to re-open our Line dance club at RUSSC at that time. Following the completion of this Risk Assessment, it was plainly clear that it was not safe for Hills n Toes to resume Line dancing on or shortly after 04 July 2020.

Having now undertaken a further Risk Assessment, we are confident that it is now safe to re-open, provided we follow strict guidelines.

Please see our Newsletter from September,2020, below:

Newsletter – Hills n Toes – September 2020

‘Moving’ onwards and upwards Hills n Toes opens again on Monday 7th September 2020 at 7:00 pm.

To maximise the space that we fortuitously have, we are endeavouring to keep us all socially distanced by rotating the dance floor to keep to our risk assessed numbers. The seating area has been re-arranged to accommodate social distancing safely. Please do not alter where the furniture has been placed.

The only other way is to run separate dance sessions that would only allow you minimal dance time in the club. Therefore, we shall try ‘Plan A’ first to see how this works.

Please remember this is a ‘new normal’ for us all and will need time for adjustment.

Our aim is to keep you safe and dance with a sociable atmosphere. Many have said that they miss their line dance family and are, ‘so looking forward to this opportunity.

There is no clear Government directive that masks have to be worn on the dancefloor. However, if you wish to, this will be at your own discretion.

Remember, hugs must be restricted to your own bubble but hand washing is essential along with sanitising. Temperature checks will be undertaken upon entry.

Please pay by cash on the door. Currently, we are not necessitating pre-booking, but that might change.

Our Thursday class is temporarily suspended. This will be reviewed.

As you can imagine, after such a long time away from our wonderful pastime, we will have to start slowly to build back to some normality. On Monday 7th September 2020 at 7:00 pm we shall start again and review dances that some of us may have forgotten. I think this will be a magical homecoming experience for us all.

Hoping you are well and maybe back at some point if not Monday, then sooner rather than later would be fabulous.

With much love.

Hills xxx