Castaways sadly closed its doors for the final time to the public on Friday 13 July 2012. The site that housed the wonderful entertainment restaurant that became our second home was taken over after Morrisons received council approval to build yet another supermarket. Morrisons ultimately abandoned its plans and its supermarket never materialised, but... 'Hey Ho'; everybody who was associated with Castaways got shafted...

Hills & Paul are proud to have been Castaways' principal resident hosts and DJs for more than four years and we will be keeping the memory alive with this page.

Paul sifted through well over a thousand photo's from the final weekend (primarily those taken by him and Ken Rudge) and after much deliberation came up with a showcase of less than 100 (!)

Photos above © Paul Webster 2012

Photos above © Kenneth Rudge 2012

Photos above © Alun Moss, Darren McQuade & Joan Kurtz 2012

Don't Stop Believing...